Trauma is the response to an experience of excessive stress that overwhelms your emotional or physical ability to cope. Examples of trauma-causing events include war, natural disasters, motor vehicle accidents, rape, or all forms of domestic violence.

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Depression or feelings of prolonged sadness and low mood are all more prevalent than one might think. Various life situations such as the end of a relationship or marriage, the loss of a loved one, a job, financial difficulties, or health-related problems, are all potential triggers of depression or depressive symptoms.

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In today’s hectic and fast-paced society, anxiety is experienced by many people at different points in their lives. Low levels of anxiety are usually considered normal and it can even be motivating; however, when the anxiety becomes too much to bear and starts to affect your daily life, it can cause and contribute to numerous mental and physical problems.

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At Hopewoods Psychotherapy and Counseling, we provide a confidential, compassionate, and non-judgmental therapeutic environment. We provide a wide range of individual and group psychological counseling services that address depression, anxiety, relationship issues, youth development counseling, and much more.

As a professional team comprised of many experienced psychotherapists in the Greater Toronto Area, we practice different therapeutic approaches depending on each client’s unique needs and circumstances. Regardless of the approach, our primary goal is to establish a positive therapeutic alliance that will foster long-lasting change and growth in our clients.

With courage, perseverance, and empathetic support, you can find the strength to regain control in your life, to overcome the fear and distress.


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