New Workshops Coming Soon

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Our upcoming workshops are designed to provide you with the tools and support you need to improve your mental health, and to help your loved ones do the same.

Parents Anxiety

Adhd, child and parents with headache, stress and anxiety for autism management, energy fatigue and

No one is born to be a parent. In the role of a parent, there are happy moments in life that cannot be exchanged for money, but there are also many moments of distress and helplessness.

Love Open Class

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We all want things to go well in our human connection, but sometimes it seems like it backfires, and love is something we can’t figure out and bewildered about.

Improving Children’s Learning Initiative

children development education, mother and daughter family playing and learning fun

Children’s learning has always been the top priority of parents, and parents also hope to do everything possible to help children learn more effectively and easily.

Let’s Talk About Relationships

Cheerful couple dreaming about future

Yuelin has launched a new public welfare evening therapist radio station to chat with you about any doubts about intimacy, parent-child relationship, love and friendship.

Loss and Gains in the Epidemic

Home budget financial planning in crisis. Woman quarantined and working, planning home budget

Yuelin will take a deep breath with you at 8 pm on Friday, May 28th, and talk about the loss and gain in the epidemic. Every feeling, every tear, every experience we have has a meaning.

The original family

Asian children family with father and mother at home, little girl childhood development

Yuelin will talk to you about the love and hurt brought by the family of origin at 8pm on Saturday, July 10th.