Entering Young People Series

Yuelin Show


Yuelin launches a new series of entering into young people.

Specifically designed to:
* There are young people around, I hope to know more about TA
* I am a young man, I want to know more about my peers and myself
* New Lecture Series *: Four lectures in a row take you from the perspective of young people, using psychology to explore how to effectively build positive family values and enhance communication skills with children.

1 – 6/18 Concepts: “Raising the Poor” VS “Raising the Rich”
2 – 7/02 Origin: How do native families and young people influence each other?
3 –  7/16 Immigrants: Why did you cross the ocean, but still failed to start a new life?
4 –  7/30 Sexual Minority Article: What can we do if there are sexual minorities at home?

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