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About HopeWoods

Hopewoods is a Toronto-based psychotherapy and counselling centre established in 2011.

Love Open Class
by Yuelin Show
We all want things to go well in our human connection, but sometimes it seems like it backfires, and love is something we can’t figure out and bewildered about.
Improving Children's Learning Initiative
by Yuelin Show
Children’s learning has always been the top priority of parents, and parents also hope to do everything possible to help children learn more effectively and easily.
Loss and Gains in the Epidemic
by Yuelin Show
Yuelin will take a deep breath with you at 8 pm on Friday, May 28th, and talk about the loss and gain in the epidemic. Every feeling, every tear, every experience we have has a meaning.
"Raising the Poor" VS "Raising the Rich"
by Yuelin Show
Let’s explore from a psychological perspective: how the two affect personal growth and achieve balance. Lecture content:
The original family
by Yuelin Show
Yuelin will talk to you about the love and hurt brought by the family of origin at 8pm on Saturday, July 10th.
Entering Young People Series
by Yuelin Show
Yuelin launches a new series of entering into young people.
Young People and Native Families
by Yuelin Show
How families of origin and young people influence each other
Five Languages ​​of Love
by Yue Lin Show
“I have paid so much for my child, why doesn’t the child appreciate it?”