Loss and Gains in the Epidemic

Yuelin Show


Yuelin will take a deep breath with you at 8pm on Friday, May 28th, and talk about the loss and gain in the epidemic. Every feeling, every tear, every experience we have has a meaning.

In the face of the changes brought about by the epidemic, the number of confirmed cases, work patterns, interpersonal communication, etc., how can we adjust our mood?

In the epidemic, we may have lost something unconsciously or vigorously. What is the psychological process of coping with loss?

In the epidemic, we may get some, planned, or unexpected…

In this lecture, the therapists and students will take you to do stress reduction exercises and mindfulness exercises. Let’s take a deep breath together!

When the time comes, you can click the link to enter the ZOOM chat room
Meeting ID: 948 8470 8852
Passcode: hopewoods

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When: Friday, May 28 at 8pm EST, meet on Zoom cloud.
You are welcome to scan the QR code in the picture and contact Yuelin’s assistant to register.

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