Improving Children’s Learning Initiative

Yuelin Show


Children’s learning has always been the top priority of parents, and parents also hope to do everything possible to help children learn more effectively and easily. Behind this is not only the hope to help children improve their scores, but also the concern of parents for their children’s personal development, and the performance of being a responsible parent to their children.

However, parenting is not easy, and parents want to know more about their children and help them learn more. On February 13th, Yuelin held a free interactive experience lecture of “Yuelin Talks 5th Issue, Learning Chapter: Children’s Learning Initiative”, to help parents! Under the leadership of professional therapists from Yuelin, parents were introduced to the needs of improving learning initiative from the physical and psychological aspects of children, to understand children’s learning motivation, and to understand the roles of parents and children in it. Examples of Learning Motivation Talks to effectively talk about “learning”.

Welcome to the public account of Yuelin (WeChat ID: Hopewoods Yuelin) to listen to the audio of this lecture and the highlights of the summary, and once again share this “machine classic” to improve children’s learning motivation with friends who were not able to attend!

The lecture recording has been shared on Yuelin YouTube (please search: Hopewoods Yuelin).

You are welcome to pay attention and click to watch.