Five Languages ​​of Love

Yue Lin Show


“I have paid so much for my child, why doesn’t the child appreciate it?” 

“I don’t need these expensive materials, I just want my parents to accompany me more…”

I believe that every responsible parent is participating in all aspects of parenting to the greatest extent possible. We often work hard for this parent-child relationship in the name of “love”. We invest time and money, but sometimes we still feel that our interactions with our children are not at the same frequency. Whether it is a child or a parent, everyone is trying their best to hope that the other party can feel their needs and efforts and understand their love. So how do we express this love?

With these questions in mind, Yuelin will hold “Yuelin Talk 7, Parent-Child: Five Languages ​​of Love” Charity Country and Lecture on March 13, 8 – 9:30 PM EST (Saturday night, Toronto time). Yuelin’s professional psychotherapists sincerely invite parents and children to learn the five expressions of “love” and need. Understand the love language that you and the other person often use, and let the love language be the key to understanding the other person’s heart. On the one hand, I saw the different needs of parents and children, and on the other hand, I also learned to build a “same frequency resonance” expression and communication method to enhance the feelings between parents and children.

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