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We all want things to go well in our human connection, but sometimes it seems like it backfires, and love is something we can’t figure out and are bewildered about. We don’t know at which step the deviation occurred, we feel confused about what to do next, we are both anticipating and worrying, and various external factors also affect us.

On January 23, Yuelin held a free interactive experience lecture of “Yuelin Talks 4th Issue, Love: Dating 101 Love Open Class”. Under the leadership of professional therapists from Yuelin, we discussed the “grinning little fairy” about love with the vast number of interesting souls who participated in the lecture. Through explanations and interactive discussions, we can understand the influence of traditional culture on the concept of love, explore various attachment modes that affect our love behavior, and talk about how dating helps us make friends and gain a deeper understanding of a real person.

The epidemic cannot prevent everyone from knowing the “object”‘s youth career. Welcome to the official account of Hopewoods (Hopewoods) and the representatives of the Yuelin class to review this lecture together.

Domestic friends are welcome to scan the code to follow the article on the official account and check the audio link in the article.

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