Let’s Talk About Relationships

Yuelin Show

Yuelin has launched a new public welfare evening therapist radio station to chat with you about any doubts about intimacy, parent-child relationship, love, and friendship.

If you have doubts, regrets, troubles, or unhappiness about any relationship, whether it’s family, parent-child, love or friendship, you are welcome to discuss one of life’s most important issues with our therapist.

We provide professional psychological knowledge and companionship to create a safe and warm environment for everyone. There are no audio and video recordings of this event, and everyone is welcome to share their stories and troubles.

With these questions, Yuelin will listen to your story and answer your doubts on June 05 from 8 – 9:30 PM EST.

We welcome everyone to scan the QR code in the picture to add Yuelin WeChat Assistant to register!

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