Yuelin Emotional Camp

Stacy Hsu


If you are interested in learning about emotional topics; if you and your partner often have conflicts and hope to know each other better; if you like reading and learning new skills; you are welcome to sign up for the latest group of Yuelin: Yuelin Emotional Interaction Camp (Emotional Beginner Class). This is a 6-week emotional learning camp, through reading, experiencing, practicing, feeling, and expressing, tailored to create a loving you.

Stacy Hsu is a psychotherapist under the tutelage of Professor Zeng Jiada from the University of Toronto. In the 6-week Emotional Learning Camp, we will systematically study the classic book on emotion “The Five Languages ​​of Love” to learn more about how to express and feel love. Combined with the SSLD (Knowing and Doing) theory, we will deeply understand why we need to talk about feelings, and how to meet our emotional needs.

Time: March 6th to April 10th, every Saturday from 3-4:30PM EST, on the Zoom cloud

Limited-time special: Single registration $89 (insurance reimbursement, about $10 per hour)

Couple / two people sign up: $159 (insurance can be reimbursed, about $8.80 per hour)