Parents Anxiety

Yuelin Show

No one is born to be a parent. In the role of a parent, there are happy moments in life that cannot be exchanged for money, but there are also many moments of distress and helplessness. Especially for children, parents want their children to grow up smoothly, happily, and healthily, but sometimes the communication for these purposes does not seem to go as smoothly as expected.

On January 9th, Yuelin specially aimed at the common anxiety and worries of parents. Yuelin said: Parents Lecture, the topic of “talking about parents’ anxiety from the perspective of parents”. Under the leadership of professional psychotherapists and youth experts, this lecture specially invited parent representatives for the first time to talk with many parents, friends, and young people about their “inner words”, which emotions and thoughts are not easy to express at ordinary times. Taking the topic of games as an example, through immersive dialogue interaction, build a dialogue bridge between parents and children, fill in the emotional information behind the complete dialogue, help parents find access to the inner world of teenagers, and help children more intuitively understand the thoughts of parents and communicate effectively with parents.

As always, Hopewoods would like to thank everyone for their active participation, and welcome everyone to pay attention to the Hopewoods public account (Hopewoods Yuelin) to listen to the audio of this lecture and read the highlights of the lecture. (Note: In order to protect the privacy of the interviewed parties, the review audio will not include the lecture interview part.)